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Demand for new housing depends on population and is linked to interest rates and We construct, remodel, or renovate residential buildings.


Business Architects

Must-have foundational ideas to Design and analyze processes and your enterprise architecture and standardize your business activities.


Master Planning

Throughout the planning process, ideas were generated and refined along with many groups representing the diverse planning process.


Site Engineering

With forward thinking innovations we have developed excellent working relationships with major contractors and clients across many sectors.



  • Lower Energy Bills.
  • Filter's approximately 40% of the outside noise.
  • Reduce your energy costs by maintaining room heat during winter.
  • Complete Blockout.
  • Enjoy Complete Privacy in room.

Rod pocket curtains also called tailored curtains or pole top curtains are known for their simple rod pocket, clean lines and tailored look.

Rod pocket curtains have a sleeve of fabric at the top, called the rod pocket. The size of the rod pocket will determine what diameter rod you will need to fit the curtain.

Rod pocket curtains, tailored curtains or pole top curtains are wonderfully versatile and can be hung through the rod pocket or attached to curtain rings or clip rings for an contemporary look.

Versatile Pleat is for traverse or rod with rings. Versatile curtain tape is knitted on the top of curtain panel and pleater hooks are pinned to the tape by sliding upward into the pockets.

It is then attached to the traverse or rod to form various headings you desire.

Curtain swags can add an element of beauty to any window. There are many styles available to choose from, and knowing how to hang a curtain swag properly will largely depend upon what type you select.

Curtain Design has a wonderful selection of luxurious contrasting and coordinating fabrics that you can choose from with something to suit every conceivable taste.

We are providing a wide variety of the curtain swags. Our installation is quick and perfect.

Our pelmets and padded pelmets can be made in a variety of styles and shapes to suit your individual taste and will compliment your existing curtains or blinds.

Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look, our pelmets and padded pelmets provide the perfect finishing touch to any window and will transform the look of your room.

Styles and shapes include Plain, Classic, Colonial, Curved and Scallop.

Our extensive range of practical and durable blinds are available in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles, colours, fabrics and textures that will enhance the look and add character to any room within your property.

We can also supply blinds that can be used to reduce glare and to adjust and control the amount of light coming into the room, providing you with daytime and night-time privacy while creating a variety of moods and settings.


We are a team of talented and motivated individuals who shared a goal of attaining standards in professional curtains, blinds, plantation shutters, swags and pelmets services.

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