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Curtain Types


Eyelet curtains have come to define a more modern and cutting edge look in drapery. With the metal edged holes which allow for the use of a curtain pole, they are also easier to put up and take down than more tradition pencil pleat curtains. They can be a great, stylish addition to any room, and can really to off set the decor of any room. We believe in providing high quality products with a brilliant quality of service which you simply cannot find anywhere else. Eyelet curtains may well be the perfect finishing touch to your modern mansion or cutting edge castle and we're sure that Ultimate Home Decors have the pair for you.

Rod Pocket

Rod pocket curtains also called tailored curtains or pole top curtains are known for their simple rod pocket, clean lines and tailored look. Rod pocket curtains have a sleeve of fabric at the top, called the rod pocket. The size of the rod pocket will determine what diameter rod you will need to fit the curtain. Rod pocket curtains, tailored curtains or pole top curtains are wonderfully versatile and can be hung through the rod pocket or attached to curtain rings or clip rings for an contemporary look.

Goblet Pleat

Goblet pleats create an opulent look to curtains. They have a rich, formal appearance and look wonderful with woven fabrics or jacquards. Goblets coupled with luxurious roped tiebacks, pulling curtains back from your window, overall appearance is timeless. For a true luxury look let your curtain hems drape along the floor either side of the window. Goblet pleats are created by puffed out headings on the window dressing. Buttons, Pleats or Chords can be added at the end of the puffs as embellishments.

Versatile Pleat

Versatile Pleat is for traverse or rod with rings. Versatile curtain tape is knitted on the top of curtain panel and pleater hooks are pinned to the tape by sliding upward into the pockets. It is then attached to the traverse or rod to form various headings you desire.

Tab Top

Tab top curtains the other Pinch Pleated curtains are chosen for their ease of use when opening and closing curtains as well as for their decorative look. Tab top curtains are known by the tabs (tab top drapes, button curtains, tie-tab curtains, droopy tab curtains) positioned on the upper edge of the curtain. Tab top curtains and tab top drapes have loops, which are located at the top of each curtain panel, where the rod is passed through the loops. Tab top curtains look best when used with a decorator rod since the rod will be exposed through the tabs.

Concealed Tab Top

With similar features and benefits to tab top curtains, these curtain’s tabs are hidden by the curtain fabric and have a more traditional look. Concealed tab top curtains are the quickest, simplest and most affordable way to change the look and feel of a room.

Pinch Pleat

Pleats are “pinched” 4” down from the top to create this classic look. Stiffener sewn into the pleat maintains form for years to come. A drapery heading where the basic pleat is divided into two or three smaller, equal pleats and sewn together at the bottom.


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